China 2023 Feed Production Overview

2024-03-05 14:20


China's feed production witnessed a robust growth of +6.8% in 2023, primarily fueled by increased demand in the pig and poultry sectors. Pet food also experienced significant growth, albeit from a low base, while aqua feed volumes declined, according to a review from Kemiex.

The swine sector in China though is currently facing challenges with low pork prices and demand, leading to escalating losses and diminished profitability. Slaughter volumes have increased since November 2023, with that development accompanied by a decline in the number of breeding sows, noted the market intelligence firm.

Looking to the micronutrients market in China and additive premix volumes saw a notable surge of +8.7% last year, while feed additive production exhibited growth, particularly in amino acid output. This expansion was influenced by government initiatives aimed at reducing soybean meal inclusion rates in feed formulations.


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