Denmark introduces carbon tax on livestock

2024-06-27 08:54


Denmark has introduced its first carbon tax on agriculture as part of its goal to reduce total emissions by -70% by 2030. It follows months of negotiation with farming and conservation groups.

A major exporter of pork and dairy, its agriculture contributes to about 46% of total emissions. Denmark’s parliament is expected to vote to approve the tax later this year.

Starting in 2030, farmers will be required to pay 120 Danish krone (EUR 16) per metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions for livestock, with this rate increasing to 300 krone (EUR 40) by 2035. Cattle farmers are set to be charged almost EUR 100 p.a. for the greenhouse gas emissions from each of their cows.

Additionally, the government will allocate EUR 5.3bn to reforest 250'000 hectares of agricultural land by 2045, set aside 140'000 hectares of lowland by 2030, and buy out certain farms to lower nitrogen emissions.


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