​ Lysine: Golden Corn advances on 200'000 t/a expansion

2024-06-17 10:05

Golden Corn.png

According to its website, Shouguang Golden Corn Biotechnology Company published the pre-approval EIA report for a 200’000 t/a L-Lysine sulfate expansion project that could start construction anytime soon after government approval.

Previous EIA documents from 2018 revealed details of the 450 kt/a corn deep processing and amino acids expansion plan, including about 230’000 t/a Lysine hcl (120 kt/a + 110 kt/a) and 70’000 t/a L-Lysine sulfate that are already in live-production in the meantime, as well as 100-105’000 t/a L-Threonine (reportedly under construction), and 50'000 t/a amino acids for which it did not start construction works yet (10'000 mt each L-Arginine/L-Valine/L-Tryptophan, as well as 15'000 t/a L-Alanine, and 2'500 t/a each L-Serine/L-Histidine).

Other industry sources, however, reported that Golden Corn Group claims to currently produce 450'000 t/a L-Lysine sulfate and 200'000 t/a L-Lysine Hcl, with a new expansion planned for 200'000 t/a Lysine Hcl (and not sulfate). Another source estimates an overall Lysine-Hcl-equivalent nameplate capacity of 460'000 t/a plus 230'000 t/a in planning.

Production and allotment of hydrochloride and sulfate are flexible and undisclosed, but recent utilization is believed to be around 60-70%.


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