​ Xinjiang Meihua expands L-Isoleucine, Xanthan gum and more

2024-05-31 16:13


Xinjiang Meihua Amino Acid Company has recently announced several developments concerning its production facilities located in Wujiaqu city, Xinjiang province. It plans to construct a new facility with a capacity for 18'000 t/a L-Isoleucine. This project involves reconstructing an idle Glutamate (MSG) workshop through an investment of ~USD 14m.

Meihua has completed the construction of production lines for 300'000 t/a compound fertilizer, 110'000 t/a amino acids, 600'000 t/a agricultural products, and 100'000 t/a Glutamic acid. This project has undergone a post-environmental impact assessment to ensure compliance with regulations.

The company published the first EIA document for a technical upgrade to their existing Xanthan gum production. This ~USD 23m transformation project aims to increase the capacity of Xanthan gum by +15'000 t/a.


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